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We have completed various projects consisting of critical systems with 6-8” pipe for high-pressure installation from 2014 to 2016. We had 13 welders throughout this period working on a lot of off set, vertical and horizontal pipes, valves, flanges, and outlets.

Boiler Tube Co. of America
(Owned by Babcock Power)

We have worked with Boiler Tube on heat exchange tubes commonly use in steam generators, in a variety of wall thicknesses, on a rollout or fix position depending on the project; all in accordance with ASME B31.1, 31.3 Section 9 codebook. It is an on-going job, and we are working with BTA since 11/04/15. During the innumerous projects completed with Boiler Tube, MetalSkills and WeldTeam had 32 people spread throughout the years.

Historical Work

Our Clients will contract WeldTeam and MetalSkills to work as a managed work team onsite or offsite, on an hourly basis, or a turnkey fixed price bid, or at cost plus basis. The following are companies that we have done work with and a brief description of the work done with them; since confidentiality agreement limit us.

GE – Gas Turbines

Location: Greenville, SC
Description: Manufactured piping and fuel nozzles assemblies to ASME Section 9. Mostly stainless pipe fabrications up to 24-inch diameter 
Requirements: X-ray testing, PT, MT, UT 
Length: 25 years on various projects and orders 
Process: GTAW and SMAW 
Team: 125 skilled workers 


Description: Metal fabrication and structural beams. Used for drilling rigs. 
Process: Flux core, sub arc mostly 
Team: 25 workers


Description: Built Chassis line and assembly tooling. Design and build, machining and fabrication 
Team: 15-20 workers 


Location: Greenville, SC
Description: Upgrade to tire production line. Fabricated conveyor and installed Allen Bradley controls. Installed and tested nitrogen line at the plant.
Team: 5-8 workers 


Description: In shop welding of stainless pipe assemblies 
Team: 2-3 workers 

Mercedes Benz

Description: Designed, fabricated, and installed a wrapping line to protect new cars from acid rain up north.
Team: 15 man crew 

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